Travel Medical vs CV-19


Regular readers will recall that most health insurance stops at the border, which is why so many folks opt to purchase travel medical plans:

"Travel Medical policies are for folks traveling outside the US ... So for cruises or trips to Europe, or that Cancun get-away, savvy folks purchase plans to help with any medical issues (usually emergencies) which may arise."

Which is a great idea.

But what happens when you're in, say, Barcelona when the Wuhan Flu Pandemic hits, and now you're stuck there [TBF: lots worse places to be]? Well, our friend Peter S at Global Underwriters told me recently that, even though they aren't selling many new plans to folks choosing to travel right now, they're seeing a big upsurge in folks re-upping their coverage since they can't get back home.

And this works both ways: US nationals stuck overseas, and foreign nationals stuck here. 

So now you know...


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